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With Made in: Here, take local gifts and Southampton trivia with you! A Trivia Tag is attached to all our products: a piece of local history, local folklore or a trivial fact. Because there’s so much to discover about local history. 

Street names, famous people, customs… Things about the world’s strangest cricket match which occurs every year in the Solent, or how the Spitfire got its name from a child. These stories and many more are printed on each Made in:Here Trivia Tag.

All our gifts and souvenirs are local creations. Whether a book, a coaster or a box of handmade chocolates, the brains behind these belong here. When you choose one of our products, you can be sure it hasn’t been flown in or shipped. That’s not to say we grow the cocoa that goes in our chocolates. Or that we blow the glass jars that contain our picallilli. But we make, we create, here.

As we’re pretty hot on sustainability, we also print, wrap, package and deliver in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible… there’s no plastic or synthetic in anything we sell -not in our bags, not in our tags, not in our tissue, ribbons or stickers. And we print with vegetable ink and solar power: take our pack of playing cards, it’s entirely made here. And it’s 100% eco-friendly.

Whether you’re buying a balm for your hands or gifting Dad some peppermint chocolate, you’ll enjoy a premium local product and discover some fascinating local trivia.

Oh, and we don’t compromise on sustainability. So treat yourself or surprise a friend with local gifts and  Southampton trivia. Take a story from Southampton with you!


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