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Every gift we sell is a local creation: whether a book, a balm or a box of handmade chocolates, the brains behind these belong here. And you can be sure that manufacture has too! Nothing’s been flown in or shipped. Ok, that’s not to say we grow the cocoa that goes in our chocolates or that we blow the glass jars that contain our picallilli. But we create and we make, here.

We’re proud not to ship from afar and we’re pretty hot on sustainability: we print, wrap and deliver in the most eco-friendly way possible. There’s no plastic or synthetic in anything we sell – take our word for it or drop us a line, we’ll happily share our credentials!

Whether you want to treat yourself or gift a friend, Made in: Here is the fusion of local products and fascinating local history! Every product comes with a Trivia Tag: a snippet of local history or local folklore, printed on a tag. Just to make you smile! Or to add something truly special about this city with whenever you’re buying a gift for someone. There’s trivia about the Spitfire and the Schneider Trophy; trivia about a witch who was summoned to Southampton FC; there’s trivia about street names and famous local people; there’s even trivia about high tides and disappearing inventors and why robins were revered as good spirits in a January festival…there’s so much to discover about local history!

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