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At Made in: Here, we have a passion for local history and local manufacture, so we combined the two! 

For a start, every gift is made locally. But then, each gift is much more than that: every single one shares a Southampton story, printed on a tag. Discover the story of Warrior the War Horse; the origins of the Flying Boats; how the term ‘Sotonian’ was coined; how The Cowherds pub got its name; why a witch blessed the pitch at St Mary’s; how the Spitfire got its name; why The Mayflower said ‘farewell’ to The Speedwell; and many, many more stories. There’s a snippet of local history with every gift. And we love sharing stories…

We believe Southampton’s role in history isn’t just in the past, it’s here to stay! For this to happen, active engagement with our environment is essential so we’re pretty hot on sustainability. We print, wrap, package and deliver in the most eco-friendly way possible… there’s no plastic or synthetic in anything with our name (not even our candles).

Our Makers are all truly gifted: through their skills, their relationship with our local environment and their appetite for local resources. Aaron, Georgina, Lizzie, Debbie, Kate and Rachel…they are ‘Made in Here’.

Our ambition is for Made in: Here to be the stamp for ‘local’ and the tag for ‘history’. So treat yourself or gift a friend, and take a story from Southampton with you…

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