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Our ethical British gifts are all about localness. Local manufacture in Southampton, the New Forest, Hampshire & a few British places slighly further afield. Nothing has been flown in or shipped.

Lip balms, chocolates, pewter objects, pencils, tea towels…our quirky range of gifts and products are made in small batches the artisan way, as much as possible using local resources.

We source packaging from UK manufacturers (except jam jars) and choose sustainable / biodegradable / compostable materials, right the way through to labels, stickers, tape, envelopes, tissue paper etc. There’s no plastic or synthetic in anything we sell: take our word for it or visit our sustainability page . We’ll happily share our credentials, just drop us a line.

What else is local? Trivia! We print quirky facts on our packaging and tags to make you smile and add a touch of local folklore to gifts & souvenirs. We love to share tales and stories! So, next time you need a treat – choose from our genuinely ethical British gifts and read the label to find out a quirky thing or two!

Thanks for shopping with us!

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