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We’re all about localness. Products that are made in Southampton, the New Forest, Hampshire, England. Products that haven’t been flown in or shipped. Sustainable that’s also local.

From lip balms to hand creams, chocolates to conserves, greeting cards to coasters – we’re proud of their localness. And because we love local, we only source packaging from UK manufacturers (except jam jars), so labels, stickers, tape, envelopes, tissue paper and bags: everything’s sustainable, often biodegradable.

What else makes us local? Our labels: there’s a snippet of local trivia with every product. Our Trivia Tags are there to make you smile and add a touch of localness so gifts & souvenirs are more meaningful. We have trivia about a witch who was summoned to bless the pitch of Southampton FC; trivia about the origin of fish fingers; trivia about an annual cricket game on the Solent and how the Spitfire could have been called the Shrew or the Scarab…there are so many stories!

There’s no plastic in anything we sell, no synthetic in anything you’ll smell – take our word for it or drop us a line, we’ll happily share our credentials! Ingredients are natural, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Made in: Here…Local On Every Label!

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