Why is Made in:Here local & ethical?

  • Local

It all started with empty bags. Couldn’t find anything locally or UK made to give as gifts or to use at home. Nearly every product in every shop – mugs, coasters, pens and tote bags – has a ‘Made in [somewhere]’ label. This means  transportation, unnecessary packaging, pollution, waste and doubtful commitment to workers’ wellbeing.

We wanted to bring things back to basics: find out what can be produced locally, nationally, and sustainably so. So we set upon finding ways to do just that, to create a range of products which are made here. And we did! Made in:Here started with a small range and we’re slowly adding to our shelves.

  • Ethical

Everything we print, produce or wrap uses British made materials. For all the wonderful ecological products out there, there’s an irony in using sustainable goods that are flown in thousands of miles. Locally upcycled plastic can be just as good as FSC cardboard from Taiwan. We strive for what makes sense. Some raw materials we source abroad (cocoa doesn’t grow on the South Downs, does it?) There is no glass manufacturer in the UK right now, so our preserves are packaged in European glass. We do always source sustainably. The majority of our presentation items is biodegradable: film wrapping; ribbons and stickers; tissue paper; even the pewter on our pencils is biodegradable. Everything we print is on FSC paper, using vegetable inks and solar power.

  • Storytelling

Every gift features a unique history tag so start reading and find out about street names, buildings, family traditions, customs and local idioms…