• Spitfire pewter pencil topper

    Spitfire Pencil + Pewter Topper

    Fine quality pencil to write or draw, topped with a solid pewter Spitfire replica. Perfect Southampton gift!

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  • Viking ship pencil topper

    Viking Ship Pencil Topper

    The Viking alphabet decorates this pencil, topped with a solid pewter Viking ship and the story of king Cnut in Southampton

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  • Warrior horse pin badge

    Warrior War Horse pin

    Pin this attractive horseshoe and get others talking about Warrior, the brave War Horse...

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  • Warrior horse key ring

    Warrior Horse key ring

    Clip Warrior to your schoolbag or use it for your car keys...

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  • Maxim Gun pewter pin badge

    Hand Gun pin badge

    Are Maxim Harim and Southampton's William Cantello indeed the same person?

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  • Cowherds key ring Trivia Tag

    The Cowherds key ring

    For office keys or the garden shed: this cute cow will remind you of a pub on Southampton Common...

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  • Cowherds pin Trivia Tag

    The Cowherds pin

    Pin this beautiful cow on your jacket and head down to The Cowherds to impress...

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  • Spitfire gold pin badge

    Spitfire Gold Plated Pin Badge

    Fine gold plated Spitfire replica for a jacket or scarf. Choose the Trivia Tag for a personalised gift

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  • Bullet Gold Plated pin badge

    Bullet Gold Plated Pin

    Southampton's Donnarumma Trio would hide the noise of the bombings during WWII

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  • Multi Set Pins and Keyrings

    Multi Set Pins & Keyrings

    Choose any combination of 3 pins & keyrings...

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  • yagua twilly scarf

    ‘Yagua’ twilly by Kate Whyley

    Inspired by her love of the sea and boating...

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  • ‘White Sail’ twilly by Kate Whyley

    Versatile. vegan friendly, hair tidy...

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  • Leaf & Sprig earrings by Georgina Ettridge

    Handmade in Sterling Silver, hallmarked.

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  • Eternity necklace by Georgina Ettridge

    Handmade in Sterling Silver, hallmarked.

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  • Two engraved leaves by Georgina Ettridge

    Handmade sterling silver, hallmarked.

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  • ‘Twigs’ cufflinks by Georgina Ettridge

    Handmade, sterling silver. Hallmarked.

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