• essential oil lip balm

    Essential Oil Lip Balms

    Deeply comforting, with 100% natural ingredients and organic essential oils, these work hard to relax and repair your lips.    

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  • Benchmark Thyme Hand & Body Cream

    Protected: Benchmark Thyme Hand & Body Cream

    Fresh, spicy, antimicrobial and antiseptic...

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  • lip balm duo

    Lip Balm Duos

    Choose a duo of organic ingredients and essential oils that work hard to repair your lips

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  • Organic Weekend Set for Hair

    Organic Weekend Set for Hair

    Going away? Give your locks a lift with our Lemongrass and Citrus Ginger duo...

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  • Organic Weekend Set Body

    Organic Weekend Set for Body

    Bliss for your skin... a blend of aromatherapy oils & organic ingredients. Try this on your skin and you'll never travel without!

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  • organic weekend set for hands

    Organic Weekend Set for Hands

    Give your hands a break with our organic duo. Packed with natural ingredients and essential oils, the mix of mint, lime and lemongrass will lift your spirits...

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  • hand poured totally natural candle

    Hand Poured Totally Natural Candle – Herb Garden

    Hand Poured Totally Natural aromatherapy candle...40hrs or 12hrs of pure bliss

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  • totally natural lavender candle

    Hand Poured Totally Natural Lavender Candle

    Hand poured, natural essential oils & soy wax for a toxin-free home

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  • hand exfoliant with cane sugar

    Hand Exfoliant for Good Cooks

    Remember what baby skin feels like? Use to rid your hands of dry skin and residue without damaging the epidermis.

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  • hand wash

    Organic Lemongrass Hand Wash

    Refreshing mint, organic lime & lemongrass...

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  • Hand Balm for good cooks and gardeners

    Hand Balm for Good Cooks & Gardeners

    Great for tired hands, with New Forest beeswax. Leaves skin touch-dry within seconds.

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  • hair wash

    Lemongrass Organic Hair Wash

    Mint & lemongrass gently cleanse, uplift and moisturise

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  • body wash

    Organic Body Wash

    Delightfully refreshing and cleansing shower gel...

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    WISP Balm

    Originally for injured veterans, this balm is the fusion of efficiency and care. Imagine what it does to the skin!

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  • hair conditioner

    Citrus Ginger Organic Conditioner

    Treat your hair to the warmth of a Citrus Ginger hug...

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  • MindSet: Lip Therapy

    Mind Set for hands & lips with organic essential oils for a healthy mind

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