Handmade New Forest honey chocolate tiles decorated with golden bees. This artisan produced milk chocolate tiles, with local honey and muscovado sugar, have delicate yet explosive flavours. Muscovado sugar itself (also called Barbados sugar) has a complex flavours, with a hint of toffee. See further down for more on muscovado.

New Forest honey is claimed by many to be the best tasting as the New Forest contains a rich variety of trees and flowers, including heather and the bees have a wide range of forage. For more on new Forest honey, see further below.

New Forest honey chocolate ingredients: Milk chocolate, Cream, muscovado sugar, honey, bee transfers. Cocoa solids: 35.1% min | Milk solids: 21.8% min | 110g

Muscovado is an artisanal sugar, as its production is very labour intensive. Want to know more about muscovado? Read on: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/muscovado-sugar#what-it-is  

For more on New Forest honey and local beekeeping, see: https://www.newforestbees.co.uk/index.php/about-us