Our Great Taste Raspberry Conserve will lift you off your feet! It takes just two ingredients (raspberry, sugar) for the most amazing, memorable tango-in-the-mouth. Try one teaspoon and you are left licking your lips. Winner of the Great Taste Award 2016.

With 50g of raspberries per 100g, this handmade conserve feels almost like a compote; bursting with the aroma and richness of raspberries. Made in small batches, the artesan way. Our Great Taste Raspberry Conserve is so simple yet delivers thanks to the most intricate combination of two simple ingredients.

You will have guessed…this is our favourite! Add a spoonful to plain yoghurt, or with baked apples, or on a croissant, or with a light vanilla cake. Or add it to nothing…

Ingredients: raspberries, sugar.