Raspberry Chocolate Magic Circles: milk chocolate sprinkled with raspberry flakes and blackberry crunch. The crisp, fruity raspberry flakes are offset by the sweetness of milk chocolate and crunchy blackberry sugar…a surprising mix of flavours which come together perfectly.

Our Raspberry Magic Circles are handmade in the New Forest with ethically sourced chocolate (all our chocolate supports cocoa growing communities as part of the Cocoa Horizons programme.

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Blackberry sugar, Raspberry. Cocoa solids: 35.1% min. Milk solids 21.8% min. 60 g. Approx 6-8 Magic Circles per box. As these are handmade, individual weight varies.

Although the UK accounts for only 2% of the world’s raspberry production, some of the best raspberries in the world are grown in Scotland. The New Forest also boasts an excellent microclimate for growing this delicate fruit.

What are the myths around raspberries? In Hellenistic Troy, raspberry was linked to fertility and young children in the story of Ida, nursemaid to the infant Zeus, who pricked her finger while picking the snow-white berries thus staining them red for all eternity. Raspberry’s Latin name, Rubus idaeus, means “bramble bush of Ida.”

Wealthy medieval Europeans used raspberry for food and as a pigment as well. In early Christian artwork, raspberries were used to symbolize kindness. In Germany, raspberry was used to tame bewitched horses by tying a bit of the cane to the horse’s body. In the Philippines, raspberry canes were hung outside homes to protect those who dwelt within from any souls who may inadvertently wander in. Various first nation tribes of Northern America used raspberry to ease contractions and nausea. Source: The Practical Herbalist

Enjoy our Raspberry Chocolate Magic Circles with afternoon tea or at the end of a meal, after a cheeseboard.