Set of three books by local author Sally Marsh: ‘Mystery’, ‘Fly’ and ‘Snow Prince’.

Snow Prince: Jenna Waters is an animal mad and headstrong 13yo whose passion for horses is sparked when her parents buy her riding lessons for her 13th birthday. When her father’s new job takes them to a new life in the Yorkshire countryside a near miss with a mistreated grey horse puts all of Jenna’s horse whispering skills to the test. Forced to leave the beautiful animal with its cruel owner the family continue on their journey to their new home. A devastated Jenna is left wondering what will happen to the gelding but ina  twist of fate it looks like she won’t be wondering for long! With new friends by her side can Jenna save the gelding from an uncertain future when he ends up at an auction?

Formatted by Frostbite Publishing. Paperback, 90 pages, A5 format.

Mystery: As Jenna Waters settles into life at High Forest Farm with her family and her beloved horse Snow Prince, a new adventure begins when a frightened lost dog needs her help. Where did the dog come from? Who are the men in the white van? Can Jenna and her best friend Zoe solve the mystery of the dog thieves before it’s too late?

Paperback, 90 pages, A5 format.

Fly: Jenna Waters and her beautiful pony Snow Prince have come a long way since she rescued him, wild and terrified, from an auction. Having trained himto ride and with lessons from a local instructor going well, Jenna starts to look forward to their future. Encouraged by her friends to join the local riding club, she couldn’t be happier and imagines entering her first jumping competition. But, when an out of control dog chases them towards a busy road whilst out hacking, will tragedy strike and wreck her dreams?

Paperback, 96 pages, A5 format.

About the author: Sally Marsh lives in the New Forest with her partner and pony mad daughter Gemma. Surrounded by an array of animals including dogs, chickens and of course, ponies. Her stories are often animal inspired and sprinkled with a touch of adventure.