Humorous illustrations of Southampton historic landmarks! Cards are printed front & back, inside is left blank for your own message.

For detail of text on the back of each card, see below:

  • THE ‘OTHER WAY ROUND’ (Bargate illustration): In 1923, special domed-shaped tram cars were designed so they could pass through the arch of the Bargate, which was the only way to get from Above Bar Street to Southampton High Street. However, in the 1930’s, part of the ancient walls around the Bargate were demolished, allowing new tram lines to go the ‘other way round’ the Bargate.
  • BEER MONEY: On the edge of Southampton Common was a modest house where lived a cowherd. He was paid to manage the grazing cattle. Over time, the cowherd was faced with rising rent costs and a decline in income, so he started to sell beer. This soon became profitable and in 1789 the cowherd’s abode was converted into a public house. Briefly named The Southampton Arms, it soon reverted back to its more memorable name, The Cowherds.
  • ‘SO LONG, SPEEDWELL’, SAID MAYFLOWER: The Pilgrim fathers left Southampton in 1620, boarding the Mayflower and its smaller sister, the Speedwell. After several unsuccessful attempts to fix a leak, the Speedwell had to stay behind – her passengers were crammed onto the Mayflower, arriving 66 days later in Cape Cod.
  • YOU CAN CALL ME ‘SIR’: Southampton old bowling green dates back to 1299 and is the world’s oldest bowling green still in use. Eery year, it hosts the ‘Knighthood’ tournament, where members play in top hats and frocked tail suits. The competition lasts several days and the winner takes on the title of ‘sir’.

Pack of 4 assorted cards and envelopes. Cards are printed on 100% eco-friendly paper, using vegetable inks in a local printing press powered entirely by solar panels. Envelopes are made in the UK, recycled and produced from ‘low grade’ (the greenest) post-consumer waste with no bleach or dyes. Transparent bags and stickers are biodegradable and compostable.