Our Ship’s Wheel Southampton Pencil is gold plated and makes the perfect Southampton gift!
The barrel of the pencil comes in either red or natural wood, printed with ‘A Southampton Story: Made in Here’.
The Wheel shows fine detail and is made of solid pewter, then gold plated. A quirky fact features on a Trivia Tag which is inserted on the reverse side of the bag. Choose the Trivia Tag you want from the dropdown menu. See below for story choices:

SS Shieldhall: Launched in the 1950s, SS Shieldhall is the largest working steam ship in Britain. Base don the River Clyde for many years, her machinery and oil fired boilers are similar to that of the Titanic. She now welcomes visitors, either alongside or during excursions on the Solent.
Titanic: On April 10, 1912 the Titanic set sail from Southampton’s White Star Dock, headed for Cherbourg, then Queenstown. Five days later she hit an iceberg and sank, killing 1,517 people. Over 500 Southampton families lost at least one loved one in the tragedy.

Grace Dieu: A dock was specially erected near Town Quay for the construction of the Grace Dieu, Henry V’s flagship, launched in 1418. Built with New Forest timber to fight against the Genoese and the French, a mutiny among her crew meant that she only sailed once, as far as the Isle of Wight.

Our Ship’s Wheel Southampton Pencil is packed the eco-friendly way: tissue paper, sticker, ribbons and bags are biodegradable and our TriviaTags are printed on recycled FSC paper with vegetable inks thanks to solar power – all locally.

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