Spitfire pin badge made of solid pewter, then gold plated. The perfect Southampton gift!

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Birthplace: ”Southampton is the birthplace of the Spitfire aircraft, which saved the country during the Battle of Britain in WWII. Devised by R.J. Mitchell, the first Spitfire flew in 1936. Only 12 were initially ordered but more than 22,500 were eventually built.”

Nickname: ”R.J. Mitchell, designer of the famous Spitfire fighter aircraft, wanted it to be called the Shrew or the Scarab. Instead it was named after the daughter of Mitchell’s boss, whose fiery character had earned her the nickname ‘spitfire’.”

Schneider: ”The Schneider trophy air race was the most dangerous sport in history, a speed contest for sea planes held several times in Southampton waters. The trophy was won by Great Britian with RJ Mitchell’s Supermarine S.6B breaking the air speed record at 407 miles per hour in 1931.

More about the Schneider Trophy here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schneider_Trophy

To see the Schneider Trophy and a Spitfire, visit Southampton’s Solent Sky Museum: https://www.solentsky.org/

The Spitfire gold plated pin badge is fastened with a butterfly clip on the back.

Measurments: wingspan = 3cm Length = 2.2cm. Presented in a biodegradable bag with biodegradable sticker.

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