Sycamore art print by Rachel Reynolds features a striking sycamore from Southampton Common. With its unusual combination of yellow and black, with added shades of blue, this art quality print -from an original drawing & watercolour- will stand out on any wall!

In Wales, sycamore trees were used in the traditional craft of making ‘love spoons’, decoratively carved wooden spoons given as a romantic gesture. In some parts of the UK, the winged seeds are known as ‘helicopters’ and used in flying competitions and model-making by children.

Whether introduced to the UK by the Romans or the Tudors in the 1500s, the Sycamore symbolises strength and eternity (the ‘Tree of Life’ in ancient Egypt). We love Rachel’s striking rendition of this majestic tree.

‘Sycamore’ is a giclee print on archival quality board (310gsm) with a white, acid-free mount and backing board measuring 20x20cm. 100% natural fibre ensuring fade-resistance. Sharp detail and high resolution displays full colour spectrum, captures every shade of Rachel’s original work. Giclee prints will stand the test of time: these are used for fine arts printing, of museum quality such as those used by Le Louvre. Each print is signed by Rachel and ready to frame.

‘Sycamore’ is seen here in a chunky wooden frame for illustration purposes only. View the Sycamore Mug also by Rachel Reynolds.

  • In Rachel’s own words:

”From my studio in Hampshire I create a unique collection of hand drawn and digitally printed luxury British interior textiles and home accessories. Inspired by nature and architecture, delicate drawings and watercolours with additions of bold hand printed pattern adorn my range of products, providing a classic heritage aesthetic with a contemporary edge.”  For more on Rachel’s background and designs, visit

  • What is a giclee print? Giclee is a French word menaing ‘to spray’, referrring to the tiny droplets of ink which are sprayed onto board in this example. For more on the difference between standard art prints and giclee prints 
  • Overall size: 37 x 37cm (14.5 x 14.5”) Note: frame not included
  • What about delivery?

We take a lot of care when wrapping & packaging art, so we don’t take any chances with delivery either!  Our prices for Rachel Reynolds’ Sycamore art print includes delivery anywhere in the UK; this will trigger during the checkout process.