Viking Ship Pencil Topper, Pewter

The Viking alphabet decorates the barrel of this pencil. It has a solid pewter topper in the shape of a Viking ship. Read the story of King Cnut, crowned in Southampton in 1016. Also Southampton streets and buildings named after Cnut. Read the reverse of the Trivia Tag.

Southampton Story: In 1016, Viking King Cnut the Great was crowned King of England in Southampton. His legacy includes Canute Road, renamed ‘The Beach’ c 1850; Canute Chambers, once the Titanic ticketing office and HLV Canute, the port’s huge floating crane.

To read an amusing story about King Cnut and the lessons he tried to preach, read

The barrel of the Viking Ship Pencil Topper is printed with Runes, the Viking alphabet. The Trivia Tag is attached by hand with natural Baker’s Twine. Presented in a biodegradable bag / tissue paper with biodegradable sticker.