Warrior War Horse pewter key ring

Warrior was a brave War Horse who later in life helped Southampton police. You can read more about this story on the reverse of our Trivia Tag, to which the key ring is attached.

For horse owners and equine fanatics, this is a lovely gift which tells a story about Southampton. Warrior truly was a much-loved horse and he was buried on the edge of Southampton Golf Course where his grave can be seen.

The full text on the Trivia Tag reads: Warrior was a brave war horse, wounded in France during WWI and later gifted to Southampton where he helped the police force. He died in 1935 aged 26 and his hoof was preserved, used as an inkwell by the chief constable. His grave can be found on the edge of Southampton Golf Course.

To find out more about Warrior’s story and his grave: https://www.parksandgardens.org/places/grave-of-warrior-the-war-horse

The Warrior War Horse key ring measures 4cm wide x 1.5 at its deepest (tip of the horse’s foot). Traditional chain and clip mechanism.