• Festive Celebration of Localness

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  • Festive Shopping Night

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  • SEE Southampton logo

    SEE Southampton

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  • Bevois Mount History logo

    Bevois Mount History

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  • Mayflower gifts

    The Mayflower 1620-2020

    Coming soon - unique heritage gifts (and events!) to commemorate the Mayflower story and Southampton's deep-rooted links with international migration

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  • essential oil lip balm

    Essential Oil Lip Balms

    Deeply comforting, with 100% natural ingredients and organic essential oils, these work hard to relax and repair your lips.    

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  • Bargate ‘The Other Way…’ Greeting Card

    With Bargate in the way, how could trams reach the southside..?

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  • ‘So Long, Speedwell…’ greetings card

    Illustrates the tale of the Mayflower and the Speedwell

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  • ‘Beer Money’, greetings card

    The story behind the name of the iconic 'Cowherds' pub...

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  • ‘Call me Sir’, greetings card

    The world's oldest bowling green is in Southampton...

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  • WAVE BAR close up

    Wave Bar (Chocolate)

    Indulgence in a bar...Handmade waves of milk & dark chocolate, topped with flakes of sea salt

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  • Spitfire pewter pencil

    Spitfire Pencil + Pewter Topper

    Fine quality pencil to write or draw, topped with a solid pewter Spitfire replica. Perfect Southampton gift!

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  • Viking ship pencil topper

    Viking Ship Pencil Topper

    The Viking alphabet decorates this pencil, topped with a solid pewter Viking ship and the story of king Cnut in Southampton

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  • wassailing robin pencil

    Wassailing for Robins Pencil

    Wassailing Robin Pencil for lovers of local folklore, British birds and some very stylish writing!

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  • Warrior horse pin badge

    Warrior War Horse pin

    Pin this attractive horseshoe and get others talking about Warrior, the brave War Horse...

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  • Warrior horse key ring

    Warrior Horse key ring

    Clip Warrior to your schoolbag or use it for your car keys...

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