• Rose Foster gift bag

    Rose Foster Bag

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    New Forest Honey Chocolate

    Fine milk chocolate tiles with New Forest honey ganache, decorated with golden bees

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  • ‘Great Tit’ porcelain mug

    Porcelain mug, original design by Rachel Reynolds

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  • Butterfly and Beetles mug

    ‘Large Blue’ porcelain mug

    OUT OF STOCK porcelain mug, original design by Rachel Reynolds

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  • Gift Sets

    Box of Joy

    For foodies only!

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  • Macadamia Nuts

    Macadamia Nuts

    macadamia nut description goes here...

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  • MindSet: Lip Therapy

    Mind Set for hands & lips with organic essential oils for a healthy mind

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  • Mind Set: Hand Therapy

    MindSet: Hand Therapy

    MindSet for hands with organic essential oils, New Forest Water for healthy skin and mind

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  • Diary of a Royal Marine

    Richard Jones' exclusive access to the personal collection of a former Royal Marine who fought in the First World War...

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  • Honey, with Love…Honey Chocolates + Card

    Possibly the most indulgent chocolate ever...

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  • Mint Lemongrass body cream

    Mint & Lemongrass Body Cream

    Help your skin have a comfy stretch with our Organic Mint & Lemongrass Body Cream - it's one up from a basic moisturiser!

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  • Long Weekend

    You don't even need a weekend away to enjoy these!

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  • One Fine Mug & More

    A fine bone china mug with fine handmade chocolate...

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  • spirit of chocolate

    Spirit of Chocolate Gift Set

    Magic Circles handmade chocs & the lucky spirit of a robin!

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  • Adela verne gift bag

    Adela Verne Bag

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  • Secret Southampton by Martin Brisland

    Southampton Secrets book

    96 pages of local secrets, delivered to your door. This book by Martin Brisland will forever change your view of the city!

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