• One Fine Mug & More

    A fine bone china mug with fine handmade chocolate...

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  • spirit of chocolate

    Spirit of Chocolate Gift Set

    Magic Circles handmade chocs & the lucky spirit of a gold robin!

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  • Schneider Gift Box

    Schneider Box

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  • A-Z of Southampton front cover

    A-Z of Southampton

    A book that's sure to start conversations across generations...plus FREE DELIVERY

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  • Viking ship pencil topper

    Viking Ship Pencil Topper

    The Viking alphabet decorates this pencil, topped with a solid pewter Viking ship and the story of king Cnut in Southampton

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  • Spitfire pewter pencil

    Spitfire Pencil + Pewter Topper

    Fine quality pencil to write or draw, topped with a solid pewter Spitfire replica. Perfect Southampton gift!

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  • hair wash

    Lemongrass Organic Hair Wash

    Mint & lemongrass gently cleanse, uplift and moisturise

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  • Mayflower Stamps tea towels

    Oversized Mayflower Stamps Tea Towels

    Unique monochrome stamp designs for a beautiful vintage look. Set of two oversized tea towels, or choose the one.

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  • Titanic Anchor Pencil

    Southampton Anchor Pencil in solid pewter

    Fine quality pencil topped with a solid pewter Anchor and your choice of TriviaTag with a local story. Perfect Southampton gift!

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  • Guinness Gift Box

    Clementine & Chocolate Box

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  • Great Taste Picallilli

    This handmade, English mustard infused relish takes you on a spice trip. Beware: contains mustard.

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  • Honey, with Love…Honey Chocolates + Card

    Possibly the most indulgent chocolate ever...

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  • Long Weekend

    You don't even need a weekend away to enjoy these!

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  • hair conditioner

    Citrus Ginger Organic Conditioner

    Treat your hair to the warmth of a Citrus Ginger hug...

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  • Organic Weekend Set for Hair

    Organic Weekend Set for Hair

    Going away? Give your locks a lift with our Lemongrass and Citrus Ginger duo...

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    Three Ways

    Because there's no two ways about these gifts...

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