• Mind Set: Hand Therapy

    MindSet: Hand Therapy

    MindSet for hands with organic essential oils, New Forest Water for healthy skin and mind

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  • Gift Sets

    Box of Joy

    For foodies only!

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  • tomato relish

    Tomato Relish, inspiration in a jar

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  • Mitchell Gift Set

    RJ Mitchell Box

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  • Clementine and Whisky Preserve

    Gentler, sweeter than marmalade and with a kick of Whisky to give your palate a big hug

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  • Sycamore art print

    Symbol of Eternity & striking design...incl. SPECIAL DELIVERY

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  • Illustrated Southampton Humour (x4 cards)

    Send a humorous greeting from Southampton!

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  • Mayflower Coasters & Pin

    Mayflower Set: coasters & pin badge

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  • Walk & Words

    A guided tour, a book full of trivia and mint Magic Circles...

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    WISP Balm

    Originally for injured veterans, this balm is the fusion of efficiency and care. Imagine what it does to the skin!

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  • Southampton's Extraordinary People

    Southampton’s Extraordinary People

    Meet 16 of Southampton's best as local historians take you on a journey...delivery included!

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  • spitfire key ring

    Spitfire Key Ring

    Perfect size key ring with an aerial view model of Southampton's iconic Spitfire

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  • Cowherds pin Trivia Tag

    The Cowherds pin

    Pin this beautiful cow on your jacket and head down to The Cowherds to impress...

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  • Spitfire pin close up

    Spitfire Gold Plated Pin Badge

    Fine gold plated Spitfire replica for a jacket or scarf. Choose the Trivia Tag for a personalised gift

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  • organic weekend set for hands

    Organic Weekend Set for Hands

    Give your hands a break with our organic duo. Packed with natural ingredients and essential oils, the mix of mint, lime and lemongrass will lift your spirits...

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  • Organic Weekend Set Body

    Organic Weekend Set for Body

    Bliss for your skin... a blend of aromatherapy oils & organic ingredients. Try this on your skin and you'll never travel without!

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