• hand exfoliant with cane sugar

    Hand Exfoliant for Good Cooks

    Remember what baby skin feels like? Use to rid your hands of dry skin and residue without damaging the epidermis.

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  • totally natural lavender candle

    Hand Poured Totally Natural Lavender Candle

    Hand poured, natural essential oils & soy wax for a toxin-free home

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  • hand poured totally natural candle

    Hand Poured Totally Natural Candle – Herb Garden

    Hand Poured Totally Natural aromatherapy candle...40hrs or 12hrs of pure bliss

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  • Eco friendly playing cards

    ‘Bargate’ illustrated playing cards

    Eco-friendly 'Bargate' illustrated playing cards

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  • Butterfly and Beetles mug

    ‘Large Blue’ porcelain mug

    OUT OF STOCK porcelain mug, original design by Rachel Reynolds

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  • ‘Sycamore’ Mug

    Striking Sycamores from Southampton Common on porcelain mug

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  • Mayflower in Southampton & Replica Pin

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  • Illustrated Coasters Mayflower & Speedwell

    Set of illustrated coasters to cheer up any table!

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  • Mayflower Pin Badge

    Pin a solid pewter galleon to your bag or lepel

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  • Spitfire and Hurricane card

    Spitfire and Hurricane (COMING SOON!)


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  • Benchmark Thyme Hand & Body Cream

    Antimicrobial Thyme Body Cream

    With antimicrobial essential oil & small enough to fit in your handbag!

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  • Walk & Mug

    A walking tour, a whisky-infused preserve and an artist's mug...

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  • Walk On Mint

    Walk & Mint

    City tour, illustrated coasters and handmade magic circles!

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  • Walk on Bee

    Walk & Bees

    Hidden History, Honey ganache, a Heritage card...

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  • RMS Titanic – The Bridlington Connections

    'What was thought lost for almost 100 years until going up for auction?'

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  • The Mayflower in Southampton

    The Mayflower in Southampton

    Summer of 1620: two men are in Southampton making substantial purchases...

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