• Walk & Words

    A guided tour, a book full of trivia and mint Magic Circles...

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    WISP Balm

    Originally for injured veterans, this balm is the fusion of efficiency and care. Imagine what it does to the skin!

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  • Walk on Bee

    Walk & Bees

    Hidden History, Honey ganache, a Heritage card...

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  • Cowherds pin Trivia Tag

    The Cowherds pin

    Pin this beautiful cow on your jacket and head down to The Cowherds to impress...

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  • Organic Weekend Set Body

    Organic Weekend Set for Body

    Bliss for your skin... a blend of aromatherapy oils & organic ingredients. Try this on your skin and you'll never travel without!

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  • hand exfoliant with cane sugar

    Hand Exfoliant for Good Cooks

    Remember what baby skin feels like? Use to rid your hands of dry skin and residue without damaging the epidermis.

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  • Eco friendly playing cards

    ‘Bargate’ illustrated playing cards

    Eco-friendly 'Bargate' illustrated playing cards

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  • Butterfly and Beetles mug

    ‘Large Blue’ porcelain mug

    OUT OF STOCK porcelain mug, original design by Rachel Reynolds

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  • Seas & Skies

    A simple and classic gift set

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  • pamper box

    Pamper Box

    The ultimate pamper box! Green in every way & suitable for vegans

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  • Winter Moods

    Winter Moods

    Essential oils candles to uplift winter moods and the best natural balm around!

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  • scarab set

    Scarab Box

    RJ Mitchell wanted to name it the Scarab, but it became the Spitfire...

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  • A View from the Bridge

    A View From the Bridge

    In this warts-and-all short story collection, Scam Likely navigates sex, drugs, murder, roast pork with all the trimmings -and far more besides.

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  • Benchmark Thyme Hand & Body Cream

    Antimicrobial Thyme Body Cream

    With antimicrobial essential oil & small enough to fit in your handbag!

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  • Walk & Mug

    A walking tour, a whisky-infused preserve and an artist's mug...

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  • Walk On Mint

    Walk & Mint

    City tour, illustrated coasters and handmade magic circles!

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