• Long Weekend

    You don't even need a weekend away to enjoy these!

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  • One Fine Mug & More

    A fine bone china mug with fine handmade chocolate...

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  • spirit of chocolate

    Spirit of Chocolate Gift Set

    Magic Circles handmade chocs & the lucky spirit of a robin!

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  • Walk On Mint

    Walk & Mint

    City tour, illustrated coasters and handmade magic circles!

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  • Adela verne gift bag

    Adela Verne Bag

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  • Secret Southampton by Martin Brisland

    Southampton Secrets book

    96 pages of local secrets, delivered to your door. This book by Martin Brisland will forever change your view of the city!

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  • A-Z of Southampton front cover

    A-Z of Southampton

    A book that's sure to start conversations across generations...and delivered to your door

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  • High Forest Farm trilogy

    High Forest Farm trilogy

    Young readers will love this trilogy featuring Jenna, an animal mad and headstrong 13yo with a passion for horses! By New Forest author Sally Marsh

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  • Glorious Mum gift set

    Glorious Mum personalised set

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    Three Ways

    Because there's no two ways about these gifts...

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  • Mitchell Gift Set

    RJ Mitchell Box

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  • Walk & Words

    A guided tour, a book full of trivia and mint Magic Circles...

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  • Me Time Mum gift set

    ME Time personalised set

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  • Walk on Bee

    Walk & Bees

    Hidden History, Honey ganache, a Heritage card...

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  • Bucket List Haircare

    Organic haircare for your bucket list...

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  • Austen Box close up

    Jane Austen Box

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