At Made in:Here we are dedicated to using only environment-friendly, sustainable materials in all of our items including our packaging. 

We print, package and bag everything  sustainably. Most of our packaging is biodegradable and ALL of it is recycled and upcycled. All our printed items (Trivia Tags, coasters, greeting cards, etc) are printed in ‘SO’ postcodes as we limit transport and pollution. Plus, we love our printer as they’ve won awards for being the ‘greenest’…read more on this by clicking on the arrows below!

We are proud to now be a part of ‘No Issue Eco Packaging Alliance’, who believe ‘It is 2019. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a boutique shop owner, we should all be striving to be eco-friendly.’ Read more about this fantastic company and their journey below! 

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Check out our slider below to see what other partnerships Mi:H has formed! Simply slide through to read about each company and their amazing causes ♻️ ✌🏻🌎

NoIssue Eco Packaging Alliance

No Issue is a company that is dedicated to being a leader in design, innovation, and sustainability. All of their ink is soy-based and their tissue is completely acid fee and FSC Certified, providing a premium packaging solution without harming the environment. At Made in:Here we are proud to be using their tissue to beautifully wrap all our products!

-Soy ink is a kind of ink made from soybeans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly, might provide more accurate colors, and makes it easier to recycle paper.

-'FSC' stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. The Forest Stewardship Council ensures customers have the option to choose forest products like paper and wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

-Acid-free paper is paper that is infused in water yields a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly greater). It is also lignin- and sulfur-free.

Kodak's Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award

Kodak is a global leader in developing environmentally sustainable printing solutions, and in order to celebrate others following in their footsteps Kodak created Kodak's Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award. The award, now in its sixth year, acknowledges printers around the world for their progress in sustainability.
In order to be considered for the award, it is essential that printing companies use the Kodak Sonora Processless Plate, and conduct their business in a manner that reduces the impact to the environment.
In 2017 there were 14 winners across the world, which was a record number suggesting that the sustainability message is starting to be heard.
At Made in: Here, we have partnered with School Lane Colour Press in Chandlers Ford, who are the only UK printer to have ever won the Sonora Green Leaf Award.

Cocoa Horizons

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority, Cocoa Horizons is a programme focused on helping to build farming communities that can sustain themselves and protect nature and children, they are also dedicated to build farmer prosperity.
For more information about Cocoa Horizons please visit;

Mi:H Body Care Products

All Made in: Here body care products and candles are made locally, using organic and high quality ingredients from sustainable sources. Many of these (essential oils, peppermint, lavender...) are grown either in the New Forest or in Hampshire. We don't use synthetic fragrances, there are no parabens, no GMO ingredients and nothing is tested on animals. All our bottles are recycled and recyclable, these are made of PET plastic which is the easiest and most energy efficient to recycle.
What's more, many of our products are suitable for vegans. This includes our candles but excludes lip balms and hand balm, which contain beeswax.